“Thank you so much for the encouragement and training you have given the kids…”    

– Y. Acosta              


“Thank you for all you do for these kids! The work you put in is evident and the discipline they gain is invaluable…”  

 – T. Huff    


“They have a lot to offer our children; they teach them about God, Respect and to have a positive attitude and  help them to have a good self image.  May God keep blessing your commitment and work….”   

– A. Medina  


Thank you Sensei Joe, you have done amazing things with your abilities in training both my daughters. Every event, every tournament even every class is amazing. I love being part of BBFC! ….”   

– M.Mace        


We are blessed to have such an amazing program for our girls, Black Belts For Christ. We are thankful for all you have taught our children!”    

-K. Lamertina


“We so appreciate you and your family team for going above and beyond as always. It is an honor to know you and be a part of this community!”

– J. Tayler


“Love this organization! Awesome God lead instructors!”

– T. Lyons


“Awesome values, leadership, and WARRIOR SPIRIT for CHRIST!! I am GLAD I signed my kids up and myself! This is a great INVESTMENT that will last a LIFETIME! “

– M. Villeneuve

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If you’re looking for the best martial arts program in your area, our school in Orlando and surrounding areas will provide you with the martial arts programs you’ve been searching for! The martial arts programs at Black Belts for Christ are conveniently located in Orlando and surrounding areas to guarantee easy transport for those seeking quality martial arts programs.
The reviews above are real success stories from real members of our school, Black Belts for Christ in Orlando. Our members started out as people just like you looking for the best martial arts programs in their area. Their children may have been bullied and they were looking for a way for their child to gain self confidence as well as self defense and found our outstanding children’s martial arts program. In addition, maybe they needed a place for that child to go after school and wanted to continue those lessons they were learning and enrolled their kids in the after school martial arts program.They could have been an overweight and unhealthy person seeking  a great way to get fit in a healthy and effective way and was able to enroll in our Adult martial arts program. Maybe our members were searching for all three programs and discovered our highly successful Family martial arts. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll soon find after reading the reviews by real members of our school, Black Belts for Christ in Orlando.